Lieutenancy of Canada - Montreal




Grand Prior:









Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies:


Lay Master of Ceremonies:



H.E. Me Luc Harvey, K.M. K.H.S. Retired Attorney

His Exc. Msgr Christian Lépine, K.G.O.H.S. Archbishop of Montreal

Mrs. Amal Catherine Shomali, D.C.S.S.


Me Silverio Espinola, K.G.O.H.S.

Me Giuseppe Scarfo, K.H.S.


Rev. Pierre Bougie, p.s.s., K.C.H.S.

Mr. Angelo Zanchetta, K.C.H.S.

Richard Choquette, C.D., K.G.C.H.S. 

Members of Honour

Lieutenants of Honour:



Vice Governor General of Honour:


Grand Priors of Honour:

H.E. Dr. Giuseppe Maiolo, K.G.C.H.S.  H.E. Count Gerardo D'Argenio, K.G.C.H.S.

H.E. Mr. Jean-Marc Allard, K.G.C.H.S.

His Exc. Msgr Louis Dicaire

His Exc. Msgr Jude Saint-Antoine, K.G.O.H.S.

Special Functions

Contacts with the Grand Magisterium: 
Flag Bearer:

Bearer of Mary Queen Banner:

Standard Bearer:

Cross Bearer:

Sword and Spur Bearer:
Mace Bearer:

Knight with candle:
Dame with candle:

Knight Thurifer:
Incense Holder:


Insignias of the Order & temporary webmaster:

Mrs Michelina Lavoratore, D.C.S.S.
Mr. Bruno Pereira, K.H.S.

Mrs. Caroline Tanguay, D.S.S.      

Mr. Eric Saumure, K.H.S.

Mr. Joseph Shomaly, K.G.O.H.S.

Mr. Fiore Francescucci, K.G.O.H.S. 
Mr. Louis Monette, K.G.C.H.S.

Dr. Giovanni Scalia, K.G.C.H.S.
Mrs Elena Scalia, D.G.C.S.S.

Mr. Giuseppe Scarfo, K.H.S.
Mrs. Carmelina Scarfo, D.S.S.

Mrs. Carmelina Scarfo, D.S.S.

Mrs Amal C. Shomali, D.C.H.S.